The Best Holiday Ideas

It’s almost a brand new year, and that means new holiday ideas for 2018. Times have changed, be it politically, economically, or socially, so new places have made it on the map for holiday destinations.

We have plenty of summer holiday ideas to choose from. Spain has long been a summer holiday favourite because of its prime beaches, gorgeous weather, delicious food and wine, and laid-back culture.

Depending on how their economic crisis pans out (and whether ours goes down with it), it may become more affordable as well.  Greece is in the same economic boat, and now may be the best time to visit Crete and Athens with fewer tourists in general and resorts seeking more tourists to replace their usual flow.

Visit Croatia

Croatia will be joining the EU in summer of 2017, so this holiday is your last chance to go to Croatia before having to pay Euro prices. Additionally, it has been on the rise in the summer holiday circuit, so explore this country for your summer holidays before it becomes as developed and polished as its other Mediterranean beauties. See more information.

Visit Brisbane, Australia

The climate is perfect all year round. You can enjoy the warm, sunny summers and still have a good time during the dry, moderately warm winters. Not only this, but the people there are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. In Brisbane, you will feel welcome.

When you are there, we recommend touring around to see the sights such as South Bank Pools. This artificial beach is a great spot for a swim, to relax and enjoy BBQ foods.

Another place to see is the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Climb up these cliffs and enjoy a stunning view once you are at the top.

The best way to get around Brisbane is with your own motor home. This will give you the freedom to move onto another city afterwards such as Sydney or Melbourne, or even the famous Gold Coast.

Take some time off and explore the wonders of Australia. Click here.

Go to Iceland

Iceland was once the most expensive country to visit, but now, due to economic woes once again, it has become one of the more affordable European destinations. Take a look at the fjords and glaciers at affordable prices – and also before they melt away. See the wonders of Iceland.

Enjoy winter holidays?

Summer isn’t the only time to travel, and we have just as many ideas for your winter holidays. Escape the cold by taking a trip to the southern hemisphere. Enjoy winter sun.

Argentina, which had its own series of economic blows in the past, remains affordable while developed. It has terrific culture from tango to gauchos, luscious food (especially if you really like red meat), some of the best nightlife in the world in Buenos Aires, and sights ranging from the lovely beaches to the mountains of Patagonia.

Enjoy the culture of South East Asia

South East Asia has always been a popular destination for backpackers due to its affordability, but the increasing tourism and economic stability is quickly changing the texture (and prices) of the countries.

See the temples of Thailand, the sleepy cliffs of Laos, and the gamelan ensembles of Indonesia before these countries become just a distant facsimile of what they once were. The development doesn’t change the dry and gorgeous climate, though. Both factors make travels to South East Asian countries prime winter holiday ideas.